Branković tower

  • 2,7 km from the center of Trebinje
  • 2,9 km from the station
  • How to get there: By car

It is believed that the old town of Trebinje, together with the court of Helene de Anjou, was located at the place today known as ‘Brankovina’, which was named after Branković tower. This watch tower was very important back then. There are records of Herzegovinian origins of family Branković, which existed during the most prosperous time of Serbian state, in the period of kings Miutin, Stefan of Dečani and of course the king and the emperor Dušan the Mighty. It is believed that the Branković family is the last Serbian medieval dynasty, who ruled from the first half of 14th to the second half of 16th century. Tower was built by the county ruler Mladen, founder of the family and lord of Trebinje and Dračevica. Family’s last name comes from Mladen’s son Branko, and the tower was named after him as well.

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