Just like waters with fish, forests in Trebinje area are rich with small and large wild animals as well. Lower terrain is convenient for hunting small and feathered animals. All information about hunting and obtaining licenses can be found in local hunting club ‘Leotar’, which issues licenses and provides guides.

The club controls about 92.000 ha of hunting grounds inhabited by boars, deer, rabbits, rock partridges, woodcocks, quails, wolves, jackals, badgers, beech martens and wild cats.

Hunting club ‘Leotar’ organizes group expeditions of foreign hunters to commercial hunting grounds in Trebinje area. This area is mostly known for hunting quails, wood pigeons, woodcocks and rock partridges.

Recently, there has been a great interest from all European countries for woodcock, because Trebinje hunting grounds have the greatest number of them in Europe.