Records about Herzegovinian wines can be found in Middle Ages, and first shipment was exported across Trieste to Europe in 1883. The quality of Herzegovinian wines was rewarded with many medals on international wine festivals. First gold medals were received in 1898 and 1900 in Vienna, in 1901 in Paris and in 1903 in London. It is interesting that Hungarian wine makers, famous for their quality of wine, planted vineyards on 12 ha area and opened a wine cellar in Herzegovina. High quality wine from Lastva called ‘Žilavka’ (sort of varietal wine) was consumed on Habsburg court. Prior to the beginning of I World War Hungarians sold their vineyards and their cellar to Šćepo Vujičić, who continued the tradition of making this finest wine.
Throughout the years wine making has become a tradition for many families from Trebinje, so this relatively small area has a great number of wine makers and wine cellars.

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