It can be said that Trebinje is the city of sport, as thirty-six registered sports clubs exist in Trebinje, with around thirty sports disciplines and around 2.000 active athletes.

A large number of clubs and active athletes have affected the achievement of good results. It should be noted that the city of Trebinje had a participant at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, and we are glad that we also had a European university champion in an Olympic sport. Trebinje athletes won a number of medals at the world and Balkan championships. The City of Trebinje affirms and supports sport for disabled people as well.

Funds for regular sport clubs’ activities are planned in the City budget, and their allocation is done according to the defined criteria. Sports activity in the city of Trebinje is regulated by the following: Regulation on condition and criteria for funding the program of sports development in the Municipality of Trebinje („Official Gazette of the Municipality of Trebinje „, No 04/10 and 07/10) and Regulation of sports categorization and sports organization in the municipality of Trebinje ( „ Official Gazette of the Municipality of Trebinje „, No 03/10 „)

Significant resources are invested in sports facilities , so that the City has three football fields, seven futsal fields , three basketball courts, ten basket courts, seven handball courts, four volleyball courts, four tennis courts, two swimming pools, a shooting range, running  track  and a bowling alley .

The City of Trebinje has founded a Public Institution „Тrebinjesport“ whose main tasks are management and maintenance of sports facilities, but also the organization of sports and cultural events.

Several important sports events are held during the year:

  • Athlete of the year
  • Athletes camp  of RS
  • International Judo Cup Trebinje – “Меmorial Мiloš Mrdić”
  • Trebinje’s Traditional  “Futsal Olympics” for seniors, cadets and pioneers
  • Days on the Trebišnjica river , Stone bridge diving
  • Days on the Trebišnjica river , eco-regatta
  • International swimming meeting  “Srđan and Maksim”
  • Traditional memorial international youth football tournament  “Ljubinko  Акšam”
  • Female „Eighth Of March „ International handball tournament
  • “Handicap fest” – competition in shooting for disabled people of B&H

The following sports organizations are registered in our city:

1. Football club „Leotar“, 1925, Тrg Petral bb
2. Basketball club „Leotar “, 1974, Kraljice Jelene Anžujske bb
3. Judo club „Leotar “, 1967, Sjeverni logor bb
4. Handball Club „Leotar“, 1956, Kraljice Jelene Anžujske bb
5. Swimming Club „Leotar“, 1949-2000, Оbala Mića Ljubibratića bb
6. Female handball club „Leotar“, 1956, Kraljice Jelene Anžujske bb
7. Female basketball club „Тrebinje 03“, 2004, Sjeverni logor bb
8. Futsal club „Leotar“, 1996, Bregovi S 60/2
9. Karate club „Trebinje“, 1995, Površka бр. 4
10. Каrate club „Leotar+“, 2004-2010, Cerska 18/3
11. Kickboxing and boxing club „Leotar“, 2005, Stepe Stepanovića bb
12. Female football club „Leotar-tex“, 2002, Preobraženska bb
13. Athletic club „Leotar“, 1973, Тrg Petral bb
14. Diving club „Posejdon“, 2001, Sjeverni logor bb
15. Rowing Society  „Тrebišnjica“, 2001, Оbala Luke Vukalovića
16.Shooting club  „Leotar RVI“ Тrebinje, 2006, Stepe Stepanovića bb
17. Chess club „Leotar+“, 2009, Svetosavska br.5
18. Volleyball club „Leotar“, 1987, Kraljice Jelene Anžujske bb
19. Moto club „ТNT“, 2000, Оbala Luke Vukalovića bb
20.Mountaineering club   „Vučji zub”, 2007, Nemanjina br.7
21. Martial arts club, 2007, Solunska br.32
22. Youth basketball club „Leotar“, 2009, Rastoci bb
23. Bowling club „Тrebišnjica“, 2004, Тrg Jovana Raškovića br. 6