Mountain massif Orjen

  • 29,2 km from the center of Trebinje
  • How to get there: By car

This massif belongs to Mediterranean biogeographic region, and covers about 18.156 ha, with many important habitats – pit caves (not accessible to the public), forests, lawns, mountain pastures and meadows. This area is ideal for existence of important species, such as bears, wolves, rock partridge, and an attractive bird of prey – snake eagle. It is also famous for ‘munika’ – evergreen species from the family ‘Pinaceae’, which can only be found in Balkans. This massif is very convenient for so called ‘active vacation’ – nature field trips, hiking and mountaineering, as well as for speleology activities (exploring of caves and cave pits). There is also an initiative to make this area a national park.

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