Monastery of St. Peter and Paul

  • 7,7 km from the center of Trebinje
  • 7 km from the station
  • How to get there: By car

The vicinity of today’s monastery of St. Peter and Paul, together with necropolis tombs, has been listed as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina since March 2003. The monastery is 7km away from Trebinje, in Petrovo polje. It consists of remains of the church of St. Peter from 4th century which lies under today’s church that was built in 1906, and also the remains of the church of St. Paul from 5th century, reconstructed in 2007.

Today’s church of St. Peter is typical for this area, has a simple base and modest dimensions, with stone covered apse, cobbled interior and wooden iconostasis.

The church of St. Paul is very close to the church of St. Peter, to the south. According to the available archive evidence, this church served as a temple for liturgies, while the three-apse baptistery (discovered in 2001) dedicated to Paul the Apostle was used for baptizing and burials.

St. Paul’s cave

Paul’s cave is located on the hill above the monastery of Peter and Paul. According to the ancient legend, St. Paul baptized local people in this cave.

Historical evidence is clear: St. Titus, St. Paul’s apprentice, baptized people in then Dalmatia and Liburnia. Road SCODRA – SALONA, which the first Christians used to travel to Rome, passed through the area of today’s Herzegovina, and one part passed through the valley under Paul’s cave. According to St. Epiphanius, St. Paul came to this area in 57 BC, and St. Luke in in 58. Archaeologists discovered first signs of Christian communities near Paul’s cave in the place called Panik, within the ancient urban complex, which had a mosaic of Orpheus with a sign of the cross on his right hand.

According to the legend, water from Paul’s cave helps women who cannot give birth, as well as those who still have not married.

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