Monastery Duži

  • 12,6 km from the center of Trebinje
  • 11,7 km from the station
  • How to get there: By car

Monastery Duži is located 12 kilometers south of Trebinje. In the end of 17th century there was a small church at this location. The church also had smaller objects where shepherds and cowherds from Tvrdoš slept.

After the destruction of the monastery Tvrdoš by Venetians in 1694, part of the brotherhood departed for monastery Savina (Herceg Novi) and brought a significant part of valuable monastery relics. The other part of the brotherhood went to monastery Duži carrying the rest, together with the most important relic – monastery’s slava (patron saint day) The Dormition of the Mother of God. However, nearly all relics were destroyed during Turkish conquest. Until the abolishment of The Patriarchate of Peć in 1776, this monastery was the center of Herzegovinian metropolitan episcope.

After World War I monks who were exiled from Russian empire lived in the monastery, eho painted it with frescoes.

Restoration of monastery Tvrdoš in 1992 also restored its patron saint, as well as the patron saint day of monastery Duži – The Intercession of the Holy Mother of God.

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