Wine cellar Anđelić

  • 3,8 km from the center of Trebinje
  • 4,6 km from the station
  • How to get there: By car
Gorica bb
+387 59 259-222
+387 65 940-055

Soaked with sun of the southernmost part of the Herzegovinian wine route, on the bank of Europe’s biggest subterranean river Trebišnjica and close to the Medieval city of Mičevac is the location of wine cellar of family Anđelić.

For more than a century our family has cultivated vine and grape. Our ancestors made wine and grape brandy with distinctive quality and this century long experience is deeply embedded into the foundations of modern winery Anđelić, together with all dedication and commitment. Our wines are exclusively produced by our family members and we constantly improve our wine quality with lot of love.

Wine cellar Anđelić expands its production every year. This cellar produces six types of wine: Žilavka Anđelić, Vranac Anđelić, Lira, Žirado, Tribun and Mičevac barrique. Grapes for all these sorts come from vineyards from Trebinje, except for part of Žilavka which comes from our associates from Čitluk and Domanovići. Since recently, our winery purchased 15% of shares of ‘Agrokop’. The restoration of family vineyards where we used to grow Žilavka and Vranac is in progress. The vineyard had up to 14 000 vine plants of Žilavka and 12 000 of Vranac. Our wines received multiple awards in regional and international wine fairs.

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