Wine cellar Marić

  • 1,7 km from the center of Trebinje
  • 1,1 km from the station
  • How to get there: By foot

Wine cellar ‘Marić’ was formed in 2012 as an extension to multi century wine making tradition of the Marić family, whose estates are located from Trebinje and Popovo polje to the borde with Dalmatia (Konavle). That is also the location of their native village Poljice (few kilometers away from Komavle). It is worth mentioning that the winery is mostly supplied from the vineyards of Peter and Paul monastery (4th century), which is located near the cellar. That micro location also provided the Vienna court with high quality grapes. Wine cellar Marić produces about 10 000 bottles of good quality wines: Vranac, Chardonnay and Merlot. It can also welcome approximately 100 tourists at the same time, and serve them food and wine in one indoor and two outdoor objects with roofs. There is also asphalted road that leads to the winery, and this is also the road from Trebinje to Dubrovnik.

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