• 16,4 км from the center of Trebinje
  • 15,7 km from the station
  • How to get there: By car
Grab bb.
+387 65 363 586

Restaurant Bendiš is located in an authentic Herzegovinian house built in 1872, and it offers traditional Herzegovinian food. It on the 12th km on the road from Trebinje to Dubrovnik and it is a place where you fully experience Herzegovina.

The outlines of a small village called Grab first appeared during Austro-Hungarian time. This beautiful house the restaurant is in was built in 1884. There was a local store in the house (food and other supplies for village households) until 1918. The house was renovated with respect to typical Herzegovinian architecture. This family restaurant offers cuisine typical for south Herzegovina area, with an interesting influence of Croatia and Montenegro which are very close.

Apart from roast meat under bell, all types of barbecue, domestic cheese and prosciutto, this restaurant has a high-quality wine offer from Herzegovinian wine makers. Indoor object has 30, and the patio has 100 seats.

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